Student Info

Every year, SCAASI sponsors events and contests for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Students can participate in the conference in several ways. You can submit an abstract for presentation or send in a paper to the student paper contest. Students can also submit posters or proposals for student panels or sessions.

Graduate students: SCAASI is a great place to present your research, thesis or dissertation ideas. This conference provides an excellent opportunity for professional development. We encourage new scholars to come out an network and share their work.

student membership

ALL STUDENTS: Membership is $40.00

Regular undergraduate student conference registration is $125.00

(includes all registration materials)

Conference Registration is only $75.00 for students involved in contests and presenting papers. 

The Hornsby-Lockett Memorial Collegiate Quiz Bowl

The Collegiate Quiz Bowl is named for Dr. Alton Hornsby, Jr., and Dr. Raymond Lockett, two educators who were committed to student involvement at the SCAASI Annual meetings. 


1st Place – $300.00
2nd Place – $200.00

A school may only enter one team, which must be registered, and must have a fully registered faculty sponsor.  The prize award check will be written to the university or college Department of the faculty sponsor organizing the team.  Each entering team should be represented by four players.  The quiz bowl will consist of a series of question rounds.  Participating teams will compete in question rounds, narrowing field down to two who will compete for the first and second place prizes.  Please refer to “A Note to the User” in the Quiz Bowl Study Material for a detailed explanation of how the game is played.


$100.00 Per Team



  1. The Quiz Bowl Study Material may be accessed from Quiz Bowl Study Material link above.
  2. Quiz Bowl questions will be drawn from the Quiz Bowl Study Material.
  3. All answers must conform to the Quiz Bowl Study Material.
  4. Only one team is allowed from each participating school.
  5. A school may have as many players as it wishes, only four, however, may play a round. In subsequent rounds, the team may substitute but no more than four members will play per round.
  6. The initial round will be determined by a drawing.
  7. Each round will have a predetermined number of questions.
  8. Schools will compete against each other until a winner is determined.
  9. Prizes will be awarded to the team Faculty sponsor’s Department.