"In ancient Africa..."Griots" were the counselors of kings. They conserved the constitutions of kingdoms by memory alone...It was from among the griots that kings used to choose the tutors for young princes...For want of archives (they) recorded the customs, traditions, and governmental principles of kings."
Sundiata, Djibril T. Naine
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Andrew Baskin

Associate Professor of African and African American Studies and General Studies

E-mail: andrew_baskin@berea.edu


Tashia Bradley

Senior Associate Dean of Students and Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Programs at Colby College


Southern Conference on African American Studies Inc.
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Griot Definition

(noun) a member of a hereditary caste among the peoples of western Africa whose function is to keep an oral history of the tribe or village and to entertain with stories, poems, songs, dances, etc.
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S.C.A.A.S.I. also publishes a twice a year newsletter entitled The Grapevine.
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