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Southern Conference on African American Studies Inc.
211 G. W. Trenholm Hall
Alabama State University 
915 South Jackson Street, 
Montgomery, Alabama, 36104.

Make check payable to SCAASI.  All Checks will be deposited on the first of the month.

General Organizational Information Contact

Bertis English

40 for 40 Fundraiser

Abel Bartley

2019 Conference Information

Darius Young


Dr. Tasha Bradley


Dr. Squires


Annual Individual Membership Dues

  1. Bullet $50.00 (domestic)     

  2. Bullet $75.00 (international)

  3. Bullet $50.00 (Students)


  1. BulletLife Membership is only $750.00 (payable over a three-year period)

  2. BulletInstitutional Membership [Church, School, etc.]: $60.00

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  1. SCAASI Turns 40: Celebrating 40 Years of Interpreting and Preserving African American History and Culture.

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Southern Conference On African American Studies, Inc., SCAASI, welcomes members from all disciplines. Membership is required for conference participation.  Please note cut off dates for higher rates.
Conference Volunteers Needed 
We are looking for volunteers to assist with some of the conference responsibilities. 
Please Contact: Darius Young

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