Southern Conference On African American Studies, Inc., SCAASI, welcomes members from all disciplines. Membership is required for conference participation. You may pay membership dues via check. Print and mail the membership application with your payment.

Membership Information

SCAAS membership application.pdfMEMBERSHIP_files/SCAAS%20membership%20application.pdfMEMBERSHIP_files/SCAAS%20membership%20application_1.pdfshapeimage_5_link_0

The membership application is being updated.

Annual Individual Membership Dues

  1. Bullet $50.00 (domestic)     

  2. Bullet $75.00 (international)

  3. Bullet $50.00 (Students)


  1. BulletLife Membership is only $750.00 (payable over a three-year period)

  2. BulletInstitutional Membership [Church, School, etc.]: $60.00

Make check payable to SCAASI

(all checks received after the 10th of the month will not be deposited until the 1st of next month)

Southern Conference on African American Studies
PDF Application Under Revision
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