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For almost 50 years S.C.A.A.S.I. has been bringing scholars together to discuss important issues in the African American community. We are committed to the accurate representation of information on the African American community and we encourage you to explore our organization and join us.

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If there is no struggle, there is no progress. 

Frederick Douglass

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Images from the 2016 Conference in Charleston, South Carolina

Passing the Torch
40 for 40

2019 Save The Date!

The Southern Conference on African American Studies, Incorporated (SCAASI), will turn forty in 2019. To commemorate this important occasion, the organization has an exciting fundraising project, which it invites you to participate in called, The 40 for 40 Program. SCAASI seeks to raise $40,000 from its members and friends to celebrate the 40th anniversary. Read More

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