2018 Conference: Southern Conference of African American Studies, Inc., (SCAASI) will host its annual conference from February 8-10, 2018, at the Hilton Garden Inn (formerly The King Edward’s Hotel) in Jackson, Mississippi. The 2018 SCAASI conference theme is: Violence on Black Bodies in the Diaspora. Black bodies continue to serve as physical and symbolic battlefields and reconciliation alters for the persistent resurgence of

How is violence perpetrated, justified, resisted, adapted, and survived, is a

guiding question for the 2018 SCAASI Conference.

We invite papers that relate to violence and ideological conflicts as interrelated concepts, where black bodies serve as contested platforms and protest sites. We also want to know how black bodies have become gathering spaces for defining movements in history. We are especially looking for papers that contextualize gender issues as they relate to violence and the black body. SCAASI also welcomes papers that discuss the direct and indirect violence associated with environmental discrimination.

SCAASI wants conference papers or panel proposals that address any aspect of the Conference’s central questions or issues. The following are suggested subjects:

  1. Bullet  Lynching and Rape,

  2. Bullet  Historical Consciousness,

  3. Bullet  Violence & Mass Incarceration,

  4. Bullet  Religion & Violence,

  5. Bullet  Uprising, Law & Violence

  6. Bullet  Literature,

  7. Bullet  Movies,

  8. Bullet  Music & Violence

  9. Bullet  Community building and coalition

  10. Bullet  Gendered Images. and violence against black women

Workshop Format:

We welcome any of the following: formal papers, which can be delivered in not more than 20 minutes; workshops; and member-organized panels consisting of two-four members delivering 10-minute position statements related to an issue or text which can then be discussed by the audience are also accepted.

Proposals of not more than 250 words should be sent no later than Friday, December 1, 2017, as a Word document/PDF attachment to scaasiconference@gmail.com with the subject heading of SCAASI Proposal. Along with the 250-word proposal, please include the following: presenter's affiliation and presentation title, and an indication of any special media or other needs. Proposals will be evaluated by a SCAASI committee. Please note, SCAASI has limited technological resources computers can not be provided and projectors can not be guaranteed.

Review Proposal Starts: Monday, October 30, 2017

Proposals Due: Friday December 1, 2017

Last Day to Submit Proposal: Friday, November 27, 2017

Notification of Acceptance: Friday, December 8, 2017

Conference queries should be sent to SCAASI President Dr. Adel A. Bartley: abartly@clemson.edu or

Dr. tonya thames taylor: tonya@tonyathames.com

Membership renewal or new membership must be paid in full for inclusion in the final conference program.

The automated membership system is available on the SCAASI website: www.scaasi.org

Membership inquiries and fee payments can also be directed to SCAASI President Dr. Adel A. Bartley, abartly@clemson.edu

SCAASI is committed to students. Therefore, we have special cash and book prizes for student research and for the college or university who win the Quiz Bowl. Information about the Quiz Bowl can be found on the website. All undergraduate or graduate student proposals will be considered for the prize, unless otherwise specified on the proposal.

Call for Papers
Contact Us
Southern Conference On African American Studies, Inc.  
Executive Secretary                  
Dr. tonya thames taylor 

Proposals considered from all disciplines such as  Sociology, Political Science, Music, Literature, History, Education, Counseling, Art, et. al.
Proposal due December 1, 2017

MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED for program consideration!

Completed paper must be received on or before December 31, 2016
Complete sessions, panel proposals, individual papers, and films may also be submitted.

Volunteers Needed:


Not just paper presenters are needed. On your application please indicate what  other role(s) you would like to play at the Convention!

Displayer Host/Hostess
Serve as a DISCUSSANT at a session (please list your field of expertise)
Serve as a Judge for Student Quiz Bowl...
Serve as a Judge for Student Essay Contest...

Serve as a Judge for Student Poetry Contest...
Serve as a Judge for Student Contest (Quiz Bowl, Essay Contest, Poetry Contest)
Serve as a vendor

Submission Information:

Submit a one paragraph paper abstract or proposal. We welcome innovative and unique topics. As an organization dedicated to faculty development, we also encourage young faculty to dust off and pull together papers from Masters thesis or Doctoral Dissertations. Please indicate whether you will need a projector for your presentation.

Your submission should include your contact phone and e-mail information as well as your school affiliation, you professional title if applicable, your discipline. or business affiliation. Student submissions should  include your academic major and class standing and research advisor if applicable. .

If you are proposing a panel session please also include the name and institutional affiliation of all panel members.

Southern Conference on African American Studies Inc.
 Conference Theme
Violence on Black Bodies in the Diaspora

We are also interested in voices of hope. We welcome papers on stories of success that show incidences of violence reduction.  Share strategies recommended to combat reduce or eliminate violence?

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Conference Program

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The African race is a rubber ball.  The harder you dash it to the ground, the higher it will rise.  ~African Proverb
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