Conference Theme: The Legacy of President Barack Obama History Literature, Government.
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2017 Conference: The Legacy of President Barack Obama: History Literature Government. This year at the conference will explore the impact of the election of the first black president Barack Obama on American society and the black community. How will he be remembered by history. The goal of the conference is to give scholars of the black community an opportunity to discuss and weigh in on how the first black president will be remembered. We will explore the facts and fictions of his presidency as well as discuss the current state of the African American Community.  In addition, to looking back at the social political and economic changes in the black population, the conference will look forward to future. CallforProposalsSCAASI2017 Atl.pdfCALL_FOR_PROPOSALS_files/CallforProposalsSCAASI2017%20Atl.pdfshapeimage_6_link_0
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Atlanta Georgia: S.C.A.A.S.I. Convention

February 9, 10, 11, 2017

Dr. Abel Bartley

2016 President of S.C.A.A.S.I.

Proposals considered from all disciplines such as  Sociology, Political Science, Music, Literature, History, Education, Counseling, Art, et. al.
Proposal due November 15th.

MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED for program consideration!

Completed paper must be received on or before December 31, 2016
Complete sessions, panel proposals, individual papers, and films may also be submitted.

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Not just paper presenters are needed, but please indicate what  other role(s) you would like to play at the Convention!

Displayer Host/Hostess
Serve as a DISCUSSANT at a session (please list your field of expertise)
Serve as a Judge for Student Quiz Bowl...
Serve as a Judge for Student Essay Contest...

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Serve as a Judge for Student Contest (Quiz Bowl, Essay Contest, Poetry Contest)
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Submission Information:

Submit a one paragraph paper abstract or proposal. We welcome innovative and unique topics. As an organization dedicated to faculty development, we also encourage young faculty to dust off and pull together papers from Masters thesis or Doctoral Dissertations. Please indicate whether you will need a projector for your presentation.

Your submission should include your contact phone and e-mail information as well as your school affiliation, you professional title if applicable, your discipline. or business affiliation. Student submissions should  include your academic major and class standing and research advisor if applicable. .

If you are proposing a panel session please also include the name and institutional affiliation of all panel members.

The entire paper must be received on or by December 31, 2016

Submit Via Email: (Please send to both)

Eunice Matthews-Armstead,

& Dr. Howard Jones

Proposals can also be submitted with the online registration and membership form. 

Mail proposal to

Dr. Jones, Exec. Sec. P. O. Box 330163 Houston, TX   77233

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