S.C.A.A.S.I. holds an annual meeting/convention. Eventually each former Confederate and border state will be the site of a meeting. Very importantly, attempts are made to hold some part of the convention on an historically black college (HBCU) campus, or a related institution. At the meetings, scholarly papers are presented and critiqued, as well as new material and methods of teaching are discussed as such would be presented in a classroom.

The following meetings have been held:

  1. 1980, 1981 Houston, Texas (Texas Southern University host)

  2. 1982 New Orleans, Louisiana (Dillard University)

  3. 1983, 1984 Jackson, Mississippi (Tougaloo College)

  4. 1985 Montgomery, Alabama (Alabama State University)

  5. 1986 Atlanta, Georgia (Morehouse College)

  6. 1987 Jackson, Mississippi (Jackson State University)

  7. 1988 Greensboro, North Carolina (North Carolina A&T State University)

  8. 1989 Baton Rouge, Louisiana (Southern University)

  9. 1990 Memphis,Tennessee (LeMoyne Owen College)

  10. 1991 Houston, Texas (English Dept. Texas Southern University)

  11. 1992 Petersburg, Virginia (Virginia State University)

  12. 1993 Atlanta, Georgia (Clark Atlanta University)

  13. 1994 Dallas, Texas (Paul Quinn College and Museum of African-American Life and Culture)

  14. 1995 Baton Rouge, Louisiana (Southern University)

  15. 1996 Tallahassee, Florida (Florida A&M University)

  16. 1997 Atlanta, Georgia (Morehouse College)

  17. 1998 New Orleans, Louisiana (Amistad Research Center)

  18. 1999 Houston, Texas (History Program- Prairie View A&M University)

  19. 2000 Little Rock, Arkansas (Philander Smith College)

  20. 2001 Greensboro, N. C. (Bennett College)

  21. 2002-San Antonio, Texas (St. Philip's College)

  22. 2003 Charleston, SC (Avery Research Center)

  23. 2004 Nashville, TN (Hist. Dept. Tenn. State Univ.)

  24. 2005 Montgomery, AL (Alabama State University -History Dept.)

  25. 2006 Savannah, GA (First A, B, Church / First Bryan B. C.)

  26. 2007 Baton Rouge, LA (Southern University)

  27. 2008 Atlanta, GA (Morehouse College)

  28. 2009 Charlotte, NC

  29. 2010 Jackson, MS (Tougaloo College)

  30. 2011 Dallas, TX (African American Museum ((Dallas)

  31. 2012 Houston, TX (Buffalo Soldiers Natl. Museum, J.A.F.I., Project R.E.S.E.P.E.C.T.)

  32. 2013 Tallahassee, FL (History of Political Science Dept.-Florida A&M Univ.)

  33. 2014 Baton Rouge, LA (History Dept.-Southern University)

  34. 2015

  35. 2016 South Carolina

  36. 2017 Atlanta, Georgia

  37. 2018 Jackson Mississippi (Jackson State)

Southern Conference On African American Studies, Inc., SCAASI, had its beginning in 1979 following a successful state-wide African American History and Culture program at Texas Southern University. The program at T. S. U. had been held to bring together persons from across the State of Texas who were interested in interpreting and preserving African American history and culture. The participants were very responsive. It was reasoned that this venture was such a success the momentum must be kept alive and expanded. Even though the southern states contained, perhaps, a majority of African Americans, most of the intellectual activities geared at interpreting and preserving African American history and culture were centered elsewhere. This was virtually a virgin field. Here was something that had to be done. It was immediately decided to try to bring together all interested minds, regardless of color or creed, who were interested in interpreting and preserving African American History and Culture, especially that which had originated in and/or affected the south. Dr. Jones

Convention History

Houston Buffalo Soldiers


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