S.C.A.A.S. prides itself on recognizing excellence and professional accomplishments. Each year we recognize the achievements of our members and students.
Awards, Scholarships, & Tributes

1.  The "Yvonne Ochillo Memorial Award" for the article judged best published in  THE GRIOT: The Journal of African American Studies during the year (between the last annual meeting and the current meeting). The Award has been tweaked as the Yvonne Ochillo/Golden Pen Award. From 2009 on, a cash Prize will be awarded to the winner of The Yvonne Ochillo Adward.

2.  The "Lillie Newton Hornsby Memorial Collegiate Essay Awards" to three undergraduate college students on the basis of their submitting documented scholarly essays based upon the theme for the upcoming convention.

3.  The "Reanitsa K. Butler Memorial Scholarship" for the best judged, on site, delivered papers by an undergraduate student group.

4.  The "Woodrow Jones Memorial" to help defray annual convention expenses.

5.  FHJM "Simms Award"-honoring the #1 member of SCAASI for the current year.

6.  The "Slade Prize" -award to both student and professional for best published poetry in current year of THE GRIOT: The Journal of African American Studies.

7.  The Rev. Tolly and Mrs. Rebecca Hibbler Fund Awards
As the results of a generous gift by Dr. Shirley W. Moore, the Fund is used to underwrite the awards given at the Honorary Board Members' Luncheon at each S. C. A. A. S. I Convention. The name of the fund will always be given credit on the printed program. An example follows- ...awards are gifts from the Rev. Tolly and Mrs. Rebecca Hibbler Fund...

8.  Established to commemorate S. C. A. A. S. I.'s late President, Prof. Thessalonia Ford is a trophy [The Thess Prize] to be awarded to the winning school of the Hornsby Quiz Bowl.

9.  In honor of Life Member Dr. Samuel DuBois Cook, from 2009 on the winning school of the BUTLER MEMORIAL ESSAY CONTEST will be awarded the Samuel DuBois Cook Trophy.


Dr. Bertis English

Best article in 2008

THE GRIOT: The Journal of African American Studies

“How Holy a Cause: Revisiting Slavery and the Secession Debate in Alabama, 1860-1881.”

Dr. Joy Gleason Carew

University of Louisville

Best article in 2009

Article: From Alabama to Moscow: Black Americans and the Soviet Experiment


Vol. 28               Number 2               Fall 2009

Ms. Mary Stanton

Best article in 2010

THE GRIOT: The Journal of African American Studies

“African American Amusement Parks in the Jim Crow District of Columbia”

Vol. 29     Number 2     Fall 2010

Dr. Vida Robertson

Best article in 2011

THE GRIOT: The Journal of African American Studies

“Dundus: Disabling the Concept of Race in Namba Roy’s Black Albino”

Vol. 30          Number 2          Fall 2011

Organizational Awards

Southern Conference on African American Studies Inc.
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Butler Essay Contest-1st Place                          $400.00
Butler Essay Contest-2nd Place                         $200.00
Hornsby Quiz Bowl – 1st Place                          $500.00
Hornsby Quiz Bowl – 2nd Place                       $200.00
Ochillo Award                                                   $100.00
Slade Student Poetry Award                            $100.00
Calvin Smith Book Award (1st Pl.)                    $300.00
Calvin Smith Book Award (runner up)             $200.00
Calvin Smith Book Award (Honorable mention)      $100.00
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